About Us

After growing up on a farm in east Tennessee, and later working at the family’s farm machinery dealership, the Bowlin brothers learned at an early age how to conduct business and treat people in a rural and agricultural community. Now, with over 40 years of combined experience in the auction business, they believe that hard work and honest dealing are the key to success.

Bowlin Brothers Auction Company uses the latest technology and marketing tools to achieve the highest price and receive the most exposure for our sellers’ assets.

Although the auction industry has changed in recent years and moved into an internet-based business, we still seek to conduct traditional live auctions.

For the seller, we offer online-only auctions or both on-site and online auctions.  We talk numbers with our sellers—no blindsided or mislead expectations—just honest, straight talk.  We offer complete buyouts, net guarantees, or commission in the form of a buyer’s premium. Whatever your needs are, we can handle the job.

For the buyer, we offer all relevant information that is important for you to be knowledgeable and secure in your decision making to purchase— If we know it, you know it!

We are hands on with old fashioned values and a personal touch that we give to both our buyers and sellers. We believe a deal is not complete until all parties involve are satisfied.

Jeff Bowlin

Jeff Bowlin has 32 years’ experience in the auction industry. From Owning to being employed at different auction companies throughout the years, Jeff has been on the auction block and conducted auctions from Ontario, Canada to Fort Myers Florida. He holds an auctioneer’s license in nine different states. Jeff’s estimated to have sold nearly $100 million dollars in assets over the years.

Jerry Bowlin

After being the general manager of the family’s farm machinery dealership for several years, Jerry went on to the agricultural lending business with Farm Credit Services and enjoyed 15 years working with farmers, growers, and the home mortgage business industry. For the last 12 years, he’s been in the auction industry. Jerry’s skills and expertise is working with sellers—from his diligent efforts in finding the true value of the assets, to his constant communication, and most of all, preparing the auction for success.

Mission Statement:

To provide an auction service in which we seek and find the highest and best value for our seller’s assets and purchasing resources for our buyers. We achieve this by our evaluation process, a strong marketing plan, and the execution of a successful auction.

Ethical - Dependable - Honest